Unreal4 crashes on startup, macros keep giving errors

(I would like to apologize for the wall of text, I don’t post on the internet often, but I am completely stumped)

For my senior project, I have been trying to build an RTS using Unreal4. I have pretty much exclusively used blueprints and have been fine so far.

2 days ago my project started crashing on startup, through some research I was able to find a way to open it by disabling auto-compile in the engine settings ([Bug] Critical - My blueprint assets became un-openable - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums), but compiling certain files still caused the editor to instantly crash.

As I can safely look at the project so long as it doesn’t compile, I have been manually rebuilding my blueprints for the past 2 days. Then I started getting crashes on startup again, but this time disabling auto-compile doesn’t even let me look at them.

At this point I have spent at least 24 working hours trying to get my project back to a working state, and I am at my wit’s end. I don’t know enough about Unreal4 to diagnose the errors and there are only 2 people at my school who use Unreal4 (and I’m one of them), everyone else uses Unity.

Additional details:

Disabling auto-compile does not allow the project to open this time, but it does result in a different error code.

[With auto-compile enabled][1]

[With auto-compile disabled][2]

[One of many error log files][4]

So long as I don’t close and open the project, I can do all the work I want, no crashes or problematic errors (my macros will randomly say they have an error sometimes, but this goes away on its own), until I shut down, then the project crashes on startup.

Here is the function I have been re-implementing for the past 2 hours:

The above function is the only difference between the working project and dead project.
I currently blame the macros, as they have sometimes started refusing to link to themselves throughout this venture.
I’ve cleared saved, intermediate, binaries, DerrivedDataCache, none of them help.

[Edit: Please disregard this post, I was wrong, it’s still dead]

Turns out putting macros inside macros is not a good idea. Also having the macro have the same name and parameters as the nodes they contain is also bad. One thing I had neglected to mention was that I had put cast nodes inside their own macros, both so I could fix all of them in one place if the cast node broke, and so I could have a boolean to indicate if I wanted it to break if the cast failed. (I attach an empty sequence node with a breakpoint). As best I can tell, having the macro name and parameters the same as the cast node confused the Editor graph system.

Updating to Unreal4.5 fixed the Crash on Startup errors, great job guys!