Unreal4 , caves and lightning them

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do a single scene which uses some landscape and has some outdoor and indoor sections. Recently I’ve approached some problems with lightning my indoor section, which is a cave carved deep inside the cliff (here is the link ->

Beside that, I’m wondering how do you lighten your caves and how your workflow with lightning looks like. I’m searching the internet for examples and tutorials… but… after hours of doing so I assume there is little to nothing on the subject of the caves and Unreal 4.

I’m not so experienced in Unreal 4, so every help and ideas will be much appreciated!

With realistic lighting, you have the sunlight which will go into the cave a bit but if the cave extends far then at some point the cave will be in darkness. If you want some way to be able to see in those dark areas you can try something like giving the player a flashlight or a torch to hold, otherwise you can do some fake effect like attaching a point light to the player that illuminates the area a little bit.

Hmm… to be honest, I’m trying to do not so natural cave. It’s cliff carved by a human hand and left long ago, so I don’t want to add torches :slight_smile: Would the postprocesses work for that? I’m not sure on which lightning settings I should focus in this case…
Also will the static light from outdoor affect lightning inside the cave much?