[Unreal4.10]On Distribution Build Provision and Signing key not found

Hello there,

This is the second self published iOS game. But the first on Unreal4.10

I have followed the process to add the provision, and certificates as advised. Both are Status Valid, and the Provision is check marked for distribution. As well as check marked on the left side. However, I’m getting this error whenever I try to build a Distribution iOS package(file or whatever it maybe called)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here are the error messages I’m receiving.

[Update] I tried the same provision and certificates on a 4.9 Build and it works fine. So this must be an issue with 4.10. I unfortunately can’t revert my 4.10 project however. Which means I’m stuck until this is fixed :(.

This issue is still occurring. No matter what I try can’t find an answer. :frowning:

This is also with a purely blueprint build.

i have the same problem.

work fine on 4.9.2
and don’t work in 4.10

and in can’t back on 4.9…

Haha not a real answer but yeah :frowning: It’s pretty bad. I’m going to repost this in Bugs since I have not heard anything from Unreal about this. Maybe they just don’t view this section as much.

I have been having this same problem on both 4.9.2 and 4.10.1… Distro builds simply just fail to install and it keeps saying that no valid mobile provisioning file can be found, even when I explicitly state to use my distribution provisioning file and certificate when building and packaging. Supppper frustrating!

I put a post in the bug section and it looks like the Devs might be looking into it. I definitely hope.

Link: [4.10]Unable to Build to iOS in 4.10. But same Provision and Signing keys work in 4.9 - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums