Unreal workflow questions


I have 2 questions:

  1. So I have a bunch of cycles that I want to hook up inside Unreal. Idle, walk, jog, sprint, etc. All of them have a weapon parented to both hands inside Motionbuilder.

If import these anims separately to Unreal, do I have to import the weapon separately and re-parent it inside Unreal so there sin;t duplicates? If I import the anims with the weapon, will it cause issues with the blending and I’m guessing there will be one weapon for each anim instead of one weapon that is parented across all cycles.

  1. If I have custom idle to walk transition that I want to play instead of the blending, how do I set it up so it calls the custom anim?

Sorry, I’m a beginner.


Hello AGoodFella and welcome here :slight_smile:

1 - Yes, you must have 2 meshes : the character with his own animation and “parent” (through skeleton sockets) the gun to him. The sockets will follow the bone they are attached to, no matter what. So, if you blend animations together, the socket will follow the resulting position/rotation of the bone. The gun will be unanimated most of the time and will have his own animation (fires, clip chages…), synchronize with your character animations when needed.

2 - You’ll need to set this in your anim BP. create an animation node you place between the idle and the walk animation. By setting the condition of transition between these “states”, you will be able to do what you want. But I strongly advise you to keep some blending between these 3 nodes (idle blend to transition then, blend with walk).

There’s absolutly no reason to apologize for being a beginner, every body here has begun one day ^^