Unreal Without Visual Studio: See How the Sausage Is Made

View on YouTube: Unreal Engine C++ Project Setup, From Scratch - YouTube

This tutorial is ultimately a demo for creating a new project from scratch, but it’s not about creating anything; it’s about setting up an optimal programming workflow. And it’s also an opportunity to learn more about Unreal’s build system, which the standard, beginner-friendly, Visual-Studio-centric workflow goes to great lengths to keep hidden.


[USER=“161709”]Alex Forsythe[/USER] That was really good! I have a question though. I saw that you installed the C++ desktop development workload. Why is that? Aren’t we supposed to install the C++ game development workload?

Great work and tutorial
But It does not work on 2.6 , gives cannot create child process error after running in command prompt.

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\Build.bat" MyprojectEditor Win64 Development "C:\learnue\Myproject\Myproject.uproject" -waitmutex -NoHotReload

Building 7 actions with 2 processes…
[1/7] ERROR: Unable to create child process
[2/7] Default.rc2

Tried running it as administrator same thing.
Deleted the intermediary folder and other generated files and left the project clean as it was before hitting the command prompt, same outcome.

Address is not too long so , it’s C:\the workspace I’m using\ my project folder \ rest of the things.

So I opened the un-built project with unreal 4.26.2 editor by loading the uproject file. When loading the uproject file it tries to compile then it says it’s built for another version of unreal and that it cannot compile.

I only installed microsoft build tools with it’s compiler and the C++ libs from the installer but without Visual Studio, in an effort to not use VS at all.

Your tutorial is about the only one on youtube I could not find another