UNREAL with google protocol buffers (Protobuf)

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing fine.
So I have a task to implement google protocol buffers or protobuf in short in my game to save stats of my game and to save all other data. So my questions are as follow.

  • Is protobuf compatible with Unreal Engine 4
  • Any guide on how to integrate them or use them. (Any guide, tutorial or help will be usefull for me.)

I am quit new to unreal engine as I switched from unity recently so I am not quit good with unreal engine yet also I was unable to find any useful information for google protocol buffers with unreal so any kind of help is appreciated. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

Check this article out , hope it helps…

Hi there! Protobuff is compatible with UE, you just need to include the libs of google protobuff from github repo to a third party folder in UE4 source code.

After that you are good to go to integrate them in the project and use them extensively.

Thank you for the link it helped to some extent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info but is there a guide or something that I can use to Implement all of that. I know about the github repo but following those steps didnt work for me.

Can you share the link in case I was not using the correct link

I tried steps mentioned here and I am getting this error after I place libprotobuff.dll in binaries/win64 folder. Any help…

Do you know how to work in c++ and in Unreal engine plugins ?

Well actually I shifted recently from unity to Unreal so not that much but I have to do this.

Then get your skills in Plugin and C++ grow because you won’t be able to do much without them.

What you need to do is add libs of protobuff as a third party library in UE as in Source Code folder or Plugin folder. And then you can use it fully in your game engine as you like

Hi, I have a sample project where I’m adding these dlls. Look for how to add dll’s in your UE4 project, that will give you some hint how to add dynamic lib in your project

I was exploring this now. Do we need dll’s or just static linking is enough? As anyone tried having a plugin module dependent on gRPC and use that module during game?
Also, @Fieol , what are you doing in your sample project?