Unreal Will Load But Crash

When I Start Up The Launcher I get A Loading Screen, Then It Crashes.
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Hi Nocside,

According to your Dxdiag, you are running an integrated graphics card. Does it support Directx 11? Do you have an additional graphics card?

Here is the Launcher recommended specs.

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I’m wondering if this could be related to the crash issue we have been seeing. Try the workaround the Steve.White posted here and let me know if that fixes it or not.

didnt work

I apologize if you have done this already but just make sure that nothing in this section fixes the issue for you.

The logs you posted look to be the standard logs, follow the instructions here to generate your Debug Logs and upload the entire log folder.

Hi Nocside,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as Resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please try the suggestion that I mentioned above. Then post back here with the requested info.