Unreal VXGI building

Hi there, I’m trying to get a build of Unreal going with the VXGI tech integrated.
I have a forked and cloned this repository that setup:


I downloaded the binaries, installed Visual Studio 2015 (with C++ libraries)

When clicking ‘GenerateProjectFiles.bat’

I get this error:

As far as I know, UE 4.1 on-wards doesn’t need VS-2013 at all. I’m not sure of the pipeline of building with VS and the intended use of ‘generateProjectFiles’ but it seems to me that the generateProjectFiles.bat was created for 2013 so maybe I have have to bash it around to point to my 2015 install? Or possibly re-target the project to 2015 inside VS?

If I tweak the registry to point to my VS2015 install - then load the project in VS 2015, I get these errors:

Any advice is very appreciated.

It sounds like you have downloaded the wrong branch, make sure that after clicking on the link, the branch actually states 4.12.5_NVIDIA_Techs. Otherwise it’ll download UE4 4.1 or something. The 4.12.5 branch doesn’t support VS2013 and the GenerateProjectFiles.bat doesn’t contain any error messages with VS2012 or VS2013 in it

I just re-read ur post, since u cloned my branch, that clones the entire thing, so after cloning you need to switch the branch to 4.12.5_NVIDIA Techs before running Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat as it will default to the master branch which is untouched.

Thanks ,
I think I am misunderstanding the GIT design.

When I fork a personal copy of repo:


It defaults to a branch called ‘release’ which is obviously the wrong one. The list of available branches is all new at that point.

Do I even need to fork it, or just clone to desktop once I am navigated to your 4.12.5 branch in the browser?
Thanks so much for the help.

You really only need to fork my branch if you plan to make changes and submit as Pull Requests to me, or publish ur changes so others can use. Otherwise just clone to ur desktop and ensure that you change the current branch to 4.12.5_NVIDIA_Techs as it’ll default to Release.

OK great. I’ve cloned the repo.
When that is done, the desktop app defaults to the release branch. When I select the 4.12.5 nvidia tech branch, it downloads the extra content, and I can see the vgxi documentation. I ran the setup. I get this when generating files:

Building the solution regardless of above warnings gives me these errors:

I guess I should try to DL a vanilla UE4 and build that to test VS first.

The warnings in the first screenshot are fine, slowly cleaning them up, they are just deprecated warnings.

The errors in the 2nd screenshot, not sure on those, the branch should build without issues, as I have tested that numerous times now. I can only guess that you seem to be missing some critical files, all the errors seem to relate to FLEX.

Cool thanks for the lead Galaxy. I’m curious, does anyone upload/share built projects? I know they would be bigger, but size isn’t a huge issue anymore.

What do you mean by built projects? Like the engine pre-built? or finished projects for people to try?