Unreal vs Unity. The ultimate.

OK, so there’s loads of threads on the Unity forum about Unity vs Unreal 4. And in the spirit of healthy competition I thought I’d start one here. Sort of like a Pepsi vs Coke topic!

It’s quite interesting as both engines are currently at similar stages, both implementing new UI systems, and both beginning to support next generation consoles.

I’m sure a lot of the Unreal user base comes from people who have learnt on Unity.

What do you think Unreal could learn from Unity and vice versa?

For example I think Unreal leads the way with blueprints, and rendering capabilities, whereas at the moment Unity leads the way in terms of usability and building for mobile.

I also like how open Unreal is with it’s weekly Twitch talks etc. Unity is trying to catch up in regard but still doesn’t quite get it.

(Lets leave out the pricing for now as that’s a separate issue as to what the engines can actually do!)

Already a couple of threads like it, I suggest doing a search. Personally I find type of topic pretty useless.

Really? I think it’s useful to compare similar things, and find the weaknesses especially if one’s still in development and you can suggest improvements. (I did a search nothing came up - not in forum anyway - so I started one).

Here are the Engine I have used in the past before Unreal Engine 4.

Torque Engine - Its FREE now / Opensource - You will have to learn Torque Script its similar to Unreal Script C++

Ogre3D - Pure C++ script just like Unreal Engine 4 no visual scripting. It’s also FREE and don’t trash about Engine is my first powerful Engine that got me to developed my first box/ball FPS games and when I migrated to UE4 made developing so much easier.

Unity - C# / Free / $1,500 or $75/m - I am not trash talking about Unity there’s a FREE version. In my experience there’s a limitation to what you can do and one of them is not publishing a game while on UE4 pay once, cancel, and publish if you’re going to sell just pay Epic 50cent off your $10 or 5% of each profit you make. I learned, if it its true, you don’t pay Epic until you earn your first $3,000 revenue.

CryENGINE - $9/m / Unknown - I never used it from playing Crysis , 2, & 3 definitely worth giving a shot making your first game. There are licensing fees involve that I am unsure of and you have to dig around for more information start your search on their community.

It is true.

Howdy all,

Here is a link to the UE4 End Use License Agrrement (EULA): Game-Engine-Technologie von Unreal - Unreal Engine. should help to clear up question regrading royalties, as you can find all of the information below section 4. Thanks and have a great day!

The EULA that links should clarify everything, but here is some more information:


It’s not “You don’t pay until after $3,000” it’s actually that you don’t pay until after $3,000 every quarter. So you could earn up to ~$12,000 over a year (per title) without paying royalties. You would just need to bring in under $3,000 each quarter.

It’s important to learn from competition and do better.

The UE community as a whole seems more approachable to such discussion. One interesting thing that Unity recently announced is Unity Cloud Build. Looks like pricing isn’t yet determined while it’s in beta. It would be good to see a similar service for UE that makes it easy to free up processing time. It’s not crucial now. But it’ll eventually become an ‘obvious’ option to offer.

It’d be more useful to have cloud support for light baking, takes a lot longer than compiling code.

Well as a perspective comparing the two would be like comparing a new born baby to Al Pacino.

Granted one day your baby might grow up to be an actor as good as Al but there is the possibility of even being better…

Just saying. :wink:

I would love that idea having our own assets store beside we have Maximon (Fuse), SpeedTree, Blender, and Maya Lt offering at a service an indie game developer can be proud of using.