Unreal VR Hack-In at the Montreal HackFest July 15, 2016 Montreal

Filmtyme VR HACK-IN

By: CFC Media Lab
Filmtyme ( and the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) IDEABOOST ( ) invite VR enthusiasts, programmers, game developers, 3D modellers, environment artists and Maya animators, to a revolutionary hack-in. Help Filmtyme to fine tune their VR film making tools for the HTC Vive. The mouse and keyboard don’t cut it any more, we want to hack a virtual camera interface. We are building our tools on Unreal 4.12 (free to download) using Blueprints ( ).

The hacker who makes the biggest contribution to the Filmtyme project, will receive game credits, an invitation to demo with Filmtyme at CFC’s TIFF BBQ, consideration to join the Filmtyme team, and bragging rights as part of the worlds-first in game VR filming.

(Going to augment the team with some paid remote ringers)
Contact for details:

This isn’t Paid, you should remove that from the title, it’s a contest. Big difference.