Unreal Update system and uassets missing issue!!!???

I think there should be a better update system for Unreal. As 4.23 us approaching. I am waiting for the final update. I have 4.21 on PC and 4.22 on laptop. I recently moved back to PC as I bought new monitors. I copied the same project that I have from long time. Converted it. Now its not converting all the files, version might vary for the Uassets. I don’t know how to check the versions. I tried making new project and coping to the file folder. didn’t work. Now I don’t know in which version uassets are made.
I cannot download and try the versions just like that because of the network issues. there should be a easier way to handle the uassets also. like all the files in other software. It should just work with copy paste or there should be a better way to understand the uassets and edit or update them manually.
And definitely there should be a better way to update the engine. rather that downloading a whole new version and then updating the whole project there should be a simple update for the internal files which are updated or new are added, just those files. and it should open the file likely. once you save it can be saved as uasset without any particular signature unless it have some features from latest release. I hope you understand what I am talking about and give me a solution.

Did you simply try to copy 4.22 installation from your laptop?
Afterwards manually run setup for a new version.
“C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe”
I’ve never tried it, but this should work. Engine doesn’t make many changes to the system, it’s basically self-contained.

The thing is that the entire engine is recompiled many times during the development of the new version. All build products (binaries, debug symbols, etc) are different.
You could only save on transferring on a few hundreds of megabytes on part of assets…

It’s impossible to handle conversion of all assets from newer engine to older one. Old code can’t be aware of changes made in the “code from future”.
It could work for some things, but never for entire project. Example: how 4.22 could convert data of new landscape layers from 4.23? 4.22 doesn’t know anything about it.

AFAIK there’s no offline installer for UE4, that would be definitely a reasonable future request.

Thank you for the reply Ergot. Engine part is okay. I usually wait for few updates then update to next. As I had laptop before then I started working on computer then because of some issues again worked on laptop for few months. Unreal convert the whole scene just fine. I did it many time. Now I was looking into all the folders and old projects that I was planning to polish and upgrade. Uassets are there but not converting/showing in content browser due the uassets from different unreal versions. I used to copy and replace the files from one system to external then to second and convert it. somehow. going back and forth, it got messed up. is there any way to see the version of uasset like which unreal version had compiled it? I can download that version and try. These are my master shaders and other assets those I used in the my previous environments and was going to use next. It will take a lot of time to create those again. Let me know it its possible. Thanks again.