Unreal unity

Hello so I am brand new to game no knowledge when it comes to programming and I would love to learn. Should I start with unreal or unity

In Unity you’ll be using Java or C#, in UE4 you can use either C++ or blueprints. Blueprints are pretty easy to pick up, so I’d start with UE4 if I were you. Plus, Java/C# are what I’d say are less important languages to learn in general.

I agree. They seem to have very similar interfaces (drag and drop art, etc…) but Blueprints are much easier imo than trying to learn to script for Unity.

One major point i want to throw in:

If you decide to go for UE4, don’t think that you don’t need to learn C++ ever!
Blueprints look very nice and friendly but they are C++ and they work the same way,
so you need to learn what objective programming is, how classes and objects work, what
casting and pointers are! (:

Don’t do the mistake on thinking that BPs don’t require programming skills, they are just
a wrapped version of code.

Java? Don’t you mean JavaScript?

It is Javascript, not java.
Also, in case of unity, it is not a real javascript, just some homebrew javascript-like language.
For any serious work in unity, you’ll be using C#.

I would like to notice that unreal has more features from box: visual-blueprint like-material editor, AI, network, a nice amount of up-to-date small game samples…
It can speed up your prototype development.
It is all available for unity too, but as additional plugins for $.
And in my opinion blueprint system is much more better than all other alternatives for unity.
Start with C++ or C#? Doesn’t really matter, if you understand how to program and how to build algorithms with C# you will understand how to use C++. If you know C++ it’s even easier to understand how C# organised.

Games of any kind can be build with the help of unity or unreal. (dont go for mmo pls)

I have no idea to be honest…

Both have advantages.
Unity is great light weight, multi platform games, i.e Mobile games. Asset store is nice, their animation retargeting is leagues above all over like systems. Interface is nice and clean
Unreal is great for more traditional PC games. Creating prototypes genres, like FPS or Racing are easy with their templates. Blueprint beats all, once learned you can add some awesome features.