Unreal - unity where to go next read well

I’m not about to start a engine flame war.

I have been using unity since unity 2, so obviously i got more Exp with unity.
When unity 3 was released and UDK was out I tested both of them I did say unity back them cause of the workflow.
UDK workflow was ewww :stuck_out_tongue:

but i did consider on the contrary to other people Unreal easier than unity.
Yeah on unity you can like start making, on unreal you gotta learn the unreal way like they call it that takes more reading but epic does gave you a excellent premade game design with GameMode, Actor, Pawn, etc

On unity you gotta make all that yourself and if you dont make a good design on bigger project you will be lost. So yes Il say i the unreal way if something that makes unreal better.

Please correct me if I am wrong as the post is for myself to compare, I am at the point where i want to use both engines at the same time. I think my more experience in unity makes me know more about how to make stuff, but at the same time everything i know how to make in unreal is so much easier.

so clarify if you can please
Unity Pros
More time using it
Photon cloud

Unreal Pros
Pre made game flow
Base Classes
BT and BB
Easier to use

What I’l like to know

  1. I know unreal does not run on lower end mobile device and unity runs on much lower end devices, but the performance is better?
    I mean on a Galaxy S7 will unity perform better than unreal???

  2. Unreal forces you to use character base class for Path finding, well i know i can reshape the capsule collider, but i cannot make it fit a dragon… :@
    what is the recommended workflow for this collision with the dragon and stuff like that haven’t find a good AI tutorial that uses whole unreal system that is not humanoid.
    Recommend me stuff to learn this please.

  3. Unreal engine draw call batching??

  4. Texture atlas do they work how?

  1. I never used UE4 for mobile, but they do have mobile builds. Therefore, that means it must be able to play on mobile devices properly.
    Look at Infinity Blade.

  2. You do NOT have to use the character pawn BP for non person characters

  3. I’m not sure. I still say use a mobile textures.

  4. How do you mean? Textures are imported the same as Unity3D.

  1. then i use basic AI engine stuff?? and well explaniation of Phat will be great :frowning:

  2. drawcall batching is another stuff to reduce draw calls

  3. texture atlas are also used for reducing even more the draw calls

  1. The PHaT tool is like Unity’s ragdoll system, except it can be created automatically for skinned (skeletal) meshes.
    I used UE4 Behavior Trees for basic move and animations only.

3 and 4: I’m not coding for mobile so I haven’t looked into these things thoroughly. sorry.

then how do i make collision let my explain myself better
on static meshes you can use auto generated or import one using UCX_meshname_xx
but for skeletal meshes i think it was the Phat tool that makes the collison where you can assign colliders per done. Am i right about this?
but then if i plan to use navigation i must use character component ??? can someone explain this mess of colliders please im sorry for asking much.

I really understand that unreal is the way to go but the document guide is not that helpful on some cases…

Hi Jose Gabriel.

This comparison is definitely missing 2 Pros for UE:
Photon Cloud