Unreal Units?

I am generating .fbx files from Softimage 2014.

As soft does not have specific units, and an abstract coordinate space requires the user to determine what each unit means in real world space.

My project is built in feet, which is normal for me.

What import / export settings should I use? Is it possible for Unreal to work in feet?

In my experience in exporting to Unity, the conversion is simpler. Models in feet get an import scale of .3048 which matches Unity’s default units of meters. Unreal seems to have default units in cm. which would imply an import scale factor of 30.48.

What is the correct Unreal workflow for models created externally in feet?

The best way to really get everything going is to use this documentation that goes over some of the important requirements:

To answer your questions about UU (1 UU = 1 cm)

Sorry meant to post the root to the FBX Pipeline: FBX Content Pipeline | Unreal Engine Documentation

does 1cm=1 unit work well in large scenes with the overall scale of km? The kite demo (which is my inspiration for trying UDK)… is that in cm?