UNREAL UE4 - Teleporting an object infront of characters makes then get thrown away, why?

Hi, i created a simple teleport node to allow my space ship appear in front of the character, it Works perfect…. Until character drives the ship, then gets out and jumps from a high place, then tries to teleport again to recover the ship… as soon as the ship appears in front, character is thrown away, like miles away, why?

If my explanation its too confusing, could you please upload a BP of how to achieve this without any colision problems, thanks

Nobody helped but i found a solution and i share it:

After getting out from the ship… Charater keept attached to the ship, it was unnoticed, character moved as usual, everything was normal until i do the teleport, what happened its as my ship moved to location, character was also moved to another location because of the original attach to the ship.

To fix it, after character recovered its possesion from ship (when geting out form it) i added a “detachfromactor” node targeted to my character, this unattached the character from the ship