UNREAL UE4 - Switch on Integer - How to select options in order and restart at option 0 (loop)?

Hi, im using a switch on integer node, i want it to auto select from option 0 to 10 in order, and when its over “option10” restart to option 0 (loop forever) how can i do it?

First i tried by connecting an integer and +1 each time, but when it its in option10, it stays in option 10 forever,
I also tried with random integer in range, it Works excelent by choosing an option from 0 to 10 forever…. but… not in order, then what can i do?
I tried with DoN… but when it does the “n” times, it stops from working
If i use forLoop, first index 0, last 10, then conncect index to selection… It does all options at same time…so weird.

Please share BP images if posible, thanks

Thanks a lot man!

Just perfect.

So, like, a sequence node running from a set timer by event node on loop? That will eliminate a bool check every step and you can control the speed it runs at.

Thanks so much, was looking everywhere for this!