UNREAL UE4 - Spring Arm starts shaking after half hour of vehicle been used, why?

Hi, at start, the spring arm´s Lag, Works Ok, both “enable camera lag” at 10 lag speed and “enable camera rotation” at 20 lag speed are fine, but when i have been using the vehicle for more than 20 minutes, spring arm starts shaking as son as it elongates withing movement, small quakes start to appear, it feels like if when time passes, the probe channel starts making small colliding with air,

Why this happens? How to fix it?

Is there another way to create an Spring Arm, like make the camera move to the back when speed starts without using an Spring arm, maybe its a bug and i wont be able to fix it.

You need to check your Location.
If you drive too far away from the Center (Coordinates 0,0,0), you will receive precision errors. A common problem in huge Open World Games.
Look up “World Origin Rebasing” or “World Origin Shifting”

I think that´s what has been happening to me, my level its very wide, and the spring arma stays to many time elongated,

the only thing that i have been able to do its define a “camera lag max” to a very close range, so the spring arm kind of hits this range, it doesn´t spread to long to avoid this quakes within time, but i dont think this is the right solution.

If there is something else you think i can do, please share an image for better help, thanks man!