UNREAL UE4 - Plugins - Wich one is the best plugin to Save and Load games?

Hi, i´m having a hard time using the regular game save and game instances BP, i belive its Unreal´s biggest weakness, it simply takes a lot of time to figure out how to save, load and have persistence through levels for each small thing in the game, specially with openworld games with infinite actors… most tutorials are actually pretty basic, and rigth now i´m thinking on “saving” time and sleep and focus on the creative part of making a game… LOL, so i wonder wich is the best plugin to save and load a game right now, wich ones have the most bugs, harder to implement, imposible to package without errors or that might crash when using with other plugins and wich are the best based on most possibilities too like multiplayer, open world, level streaming and supported platforms, here the ones i liked the most:

Savior 2 (UE 4.20)
Easy Save & Load
CSW Auto-Save Plugin V2

Could you share your experience? are there others you could suggest? maybe not in the Marketplace. please comment!

I am using savior2 for a while now and i’m quite happy. The support is great and active. But i only used it for smaller projects, so i can not say anything about performance or bugs on bigger scaled projects. Also i never used this on a multiplayer setup.

did not touch the two other systems