UNREAL UE4 - Morph targets used for character animation, dont work with LODs, why?

Hi, my character has multiple morphs for animations, for example, idle has a morph for smiling, but when i go far and LOD1 appears, then “smile” and all other morphs dissapear, why?

What can i do?

You need to make the Morph Targets for every LOD, too.

But how can i create a second mesh in maya from the original that also keeps the blendshapes? I wont change poly count… polys wont change.

But the only way to edit topology of a binded mesh is to duplicate mesh, now that no blendshapes are present i can deform topology (as i said i wont be changing polycount… i will only smooth bodyparts for less details) blendshapes wont work for the duplicated version, only to the original, some one said i have to name the second mesh with the same name of the first, then after import LOD in Unreal it will be able to be deformed by the original morphs because its the same name, but this doesnt work.

Also what happens if i want to create custom morph targets for a player to change the body of a character for example, as son as they get far… LOD will go back to the original shape… cause players cant customize LOD morphs too… only for base mesh.

Please help with steps.