UNREAL UE4 - Jumping AI while following without Nav Link Proxy or Triggers? How?

I want AI enemies to follow main character and jump if there is an obstacle or if there is another platform in front at a different height to continue the chase.

My level has a lot of big rocks at different heights and main player jumps between one and the other but ther is multiple places where he can make that jump, if i create Nav links and triggers to make my AI to jump between rocks, AI its only going to be able to jump if a trigger is at that exact position, if there is not any trigger AI wont be able to jump and follow, I need my AI enemies to jump in whatever place they are while following main character from one rock to the other.

I already searched in manny sites, in YouTube there is only jumping tutorials by using proxys, waypoints and triggers, do you know a video tutorial without these things, or maybe there is a way of making AI to copy the jump movemmet that main character did while following.

I think this is an interesting issue, please share BP images for help, Thanks!

Have you tried something like this: If AI’s velocity ~ 0 and not reached player, then jump.