UNREAL UE4 - Impossible to make widget to work on a 2° pawn that takes possesion In-Game.

Hi, i have created many widgets, but for some reason… 1 in particular, never loads… if I write some text instead of binding, perfect, text appears, but if i bind it to another character´s integers… imposible… text never appears when i get possesion of a second character, why you think this happens?


That character reference is invalid? Any errors in the log?

Yes i discovered why i´m having this problem, but still haven´t fixed it… nop, no log errors.

The problem happens to several widgets in my game, not just that one, all my widgets have text and numbers binded to variables, those variables are located inside my main character´s BP, also they depend on functions, running through my main character BP, for example: 1 widget its a counter, as son as my Character begins play, it “sets timer by function name”, so i writo there the name of the function, also located at the BP,

But my character looses possesion during the game, and a pawn vehicle gets possesion, when this happens, i can still load the widget (graphics only) but binded text or number cant load, even do my Widgets graph cast to the main chaacter, seems like if i change from main character to my vehicle pawn, even do the pawn also creates the widget. it cant read the binded text and number, just shows me the design, it cant get the binded variables or functions… so the only thing i see is the design, no numbers nor text,

What can i do?

Set variables you want to save from a character to another in your controller blueprint or gamemode.

The above or create a custom event in the widget that updates the required widget elements. Call that custom event from wherever you characters.

Do you mean i shouldn´t create the function and variables inside my character BP, but do all that inside the widget graph? my problem is that, this time changes as son as my characterBP touches some devices, thats why my variables are stored in the character BP.

I know how to create custom events, but no idea how to make it update stored data from variables in a player or from all players in-game, like a main counter that changes from actions between all characters, it sound like a nice idea, i guess no tutorials for that in YouTube…

could you please explain a bit more that idea. Specially how to make it work for Single player and multiplayer too, example: A) a main counter for the level to end that changes depending on actions done by each player, & B) still each character can make this changes to the timer while they change posession from one CH to another and have individual widgets with personal counters for kills, even do each kill changes the main counter.

Could you please share BP images? That idea sounds too good

Right click in the widget graph and search for custom event - select it and populate with inputs - the data you will be sending to the widget. Wire this event to all the little widget bits and bobs you need updated. This has an additional advantage of not ticking every frame like the bound widget functions, and is arguably more performant - arguably, because you will not notice the performance unless you do thousands of these every frame.

Whenever you need to update the widget, call the above mentioned custom event.

Ok, i created the custom event, populated with 2 integer inputs… now? I think its easyer in any case to post a BP image, it saves a lot of time, for me its pretty easy, i just press: WIN+shift+S and drag (One Note program option, “office”) then i paste this image to One Note, click the image, save, then load in here, no need to use any image aplication to paste-crop or resize,

This is what i have done by follow your steps:

The “time” tab its the binding:

Then inside the main character, in the graph i have the nodes:

And also in the main character i have the function:

This Works perfect while im playing at my own character, but as son it switches possesion to a vehicle or another character… widget design still appears at my other characters or vehicle screen but without any text or numbers been updated.

Maybe you can replicate this, it will help a lot, because i didnt found any tutorials, so i Will leave this post for helping other people.