UNREAL UE4 - How to update and sync morph targets for characters between LOD 0 and LOD 1 by BP?

Hi, i´m having a hard time with LODs between my rigged character, main problem is that Unreal has an option for importing LODs but lacks from options for morph targets, and Maya canot modify mesh if it´s already binded, if i duplicate mesh to create the LOD, second mesh looses all morph targets, but also in Unreal if i import it as LOD with new Morph Targets, there is no option for Morph Targets config, UE only recognices MTargets for the base mesh LOD 0, after screen resizes… LOD 1 do not show any morph tagets.


  • This means if i create a man that morphs into a Wolf (for example) by using a morph target… then if i import the base mesh as LOD 0, when i go farther LOD 1 will make it human again because it doesn´t have the morph aplied nor sync with LOD 0 morphs.
  • If i create a second mesh with new Morph Targets… how is Unreal going to recognize if at LOD1 (far) the mesh is human or it applies the morph…?
  • Also if i create a character that players can define morph range with a slider, then it will be imposible that LOD1 also changes depending on LOD 0 values.

Is there a way to upload LOD to content browser and then import them from Content Browser to LOD at mesh view? maybe this way morphs and LODs can be configured by BP?