UNREAL UE4 - How to jump higher by pressing the jump key longer?

Hi, while playing some games if i press a button to jump for a short period of time, character makes an small jump, but if i press that button longer, it jumps high or super high deppending of how long i press, how can I make relationship between longer press, bigger jump to happen with Unreal 4?

Please share BP images, Thanks!

Similar to , for example:


For more precision, accumulate miliseconds in a timer and clear it after executing the jump.

Another way:

The player will keep jumping until max time (indicated by the Timer) or until you release the jump key.

Don’t forget to set “Jump Max Count” to > 1.

Here’s the Blueprint that I’ve been using the side-scrolling platforming game I’ve been working on:

The setup is surprisingly simple and in my own personal experience of using it, appears to work rather well.

I wish I could also post the link to the video tutorial that I got it from, but unfortunately trying to find it on YouTube is rather difficult, not helped out by the fact that my Google searching skills are rather weak. I would’ve preferred to include the video since it not only shows how to setup the Blueprint but also explains how it works, and my own Unreal Engine knowledge is limited, so I can’t help if you run into trouble setting up the Blueprint or if you want modify the setup in some manner.

Regardless, I do highly recommend Blueprint setup and if do you need help, I’m sure that someone on forum will be able to take a look at the Blueprint and be able to figure out how it works so they can provide help.



I used the last one and it Works great! i just wish that if my character reaches the highes jump it changed the animation to double jump or making a roll, is that posible, to trigger a custom jump animation by using config?


wow thank bro it work well

this worked surprisingly well! thank you for sharing!

These days, with EI, it couldn’t be easier than: