UNREAL UE4 - How to find out if a plugin is going to work on Steam multiplayer?

Hi, i´m using several plugins for a game, but i wonder if they are going to work on Steam multiplayer… i question this because i have seen some YouTube videos explaining how some plugins wont work on multiplayer, only per person games, for example, i use a free plugin called “don 3D pathfinding for Flying AI”…ding-flying-ai, but i wonder if all my Project wont work since it´s multiplayer after everything is finished when i finally i´m going to get people to enter the multiplayer sesion… just to find out that it will be complete caos, and everything wont work…LOL

How to figure out if a plugin is going to work at Steam multiplayer?

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Just test it in PIE with 2 players which simulates a networked environment for starters. After that you test in a packaged build. It’s obvious you need to test the game with a few people before releasing it.