UNREAL UE4 - Explode destructible mesh ONLY when projectile hits, how? images attached

Hi, i want my custom projectile to explode a destructible mesh, almost all tutorials say i should just click “enable impact damage” on fracture mesh but if i do that, mesh explodes even if i touch it or any AI enemy does… and thats not what i want, i want that only my projectile causes it to explode (requiring several hits to make it happen if possible) so i tried with hit, but it doesn´t work even if destructible has hit events enable or BP its conected to projectile “FireBP” as source of damage,

Please help, share BP images for fix, Thanks!

This is my Destructible mesh BP with hit resoults on and can be damage on (base damage says 0 but its 100), FireBP “projectile” should cause damage:

This is my custom FireBP “projectile” (it has an explode effect that Works only with overlap, it doesn´t affect carácter), simulate hit event its enable

Better quality images down here: