UNREAL UE4 - AI character moves when player hits its body because of the AIController, but why?

Hi, my AI should hold on to its current positon and not move, just rotate, its kind of a turrent, but for som reason if my main character pushes it (hits it with his body) then, the AI moves, i already tested many options like physics, collisions and even disconected the Behaviour Tree, but it still moves, i have discovered this problema stops happening when i finally disconnect the AI Controller… But this AI Controller BP has almost cero nodes, i just made it run the BT wich i already disconnected…. so, it has to be some option inside the Controller.

Please help!

Have you tryed change the Mass value of the Actor?

HI, i already increased massup to 20,000 and still moving… the hole problema stops when i disconect the AI Controller, so the problema has to be the Controller, and it doesn´t even have much nodes… just a run behaviour tree and run Blackboard, and both are disconected, so the proble is the AI controller settings.

I fixed the problem, it was actually a hidden box collision in main character, it is invisible & the reasson why i could not find out a solution was that I recently created a new object type for my AI enemies, and all new the oject type channels are as default checked to “block” other object types… so, my AI was blocking my hidden box collision… after hours… i remembered that hidden box, i clicked and found out the new AI enemie object type was automatically checked by Unreal to “block”………… to fix it i changed it to “ignore”.

This its very complicated when you have a massive amount of objects in the world, specially all the hidden box collisions to trigger effects… every new object type you creat its added with “block” automaticaly checked on each collision list of every actor in the game, making it impossible to fix every actor in the game, thats why i could not find out the origin of this problem.