UNREAL UE 4 - Voxel Terraforming terrain, is it possible or impossible?

I was watching Astroneer, a game designed in Unreal Engine, and basically YES, you can terraform, they did it and they actually did another imposible task at Unreal: directional gravity for characters, but as surprise i canot find any tutorial, for any of both, there is only 1 plugin, and some people say you canot achieve any of this by simple BP scripting… that you need high coding skills and hours of development, it could be so great if BP could achieve this, just like we do with Unreal viewport.

Is it posible for any user to create a YouTube tutorial for voxel terraforming? or is it just imposible… I just love this types of games, if Unreal had it easyer… forget unity, this will be it, i just love games like Astroneer where you terraform ground, or Jurassic World Evolution (Cobra software) and how you can terraform, smooth, add water, reshape the scene basically BUT remember you could do this in Operation Genesis, like 20 year ago LOL… Unreal should be able to do this now in 2018, i just wish it could with less code and more BP or anyway really.

Lets make it happen guys! :slight_smile:

Did you find anything on this yet?