UNREAL UE 4 - Plane landing tutorial?

Hi,I have found plenty Flight video tutorials… BUT none explain, how to land a plane in the floor, basicaly what i would do is fly slow in the ground and stop my plane…But it doesn´t level perfecly to the ground, how can i make it land automaticaly and level perfect to the ground?

Please share BP images, thanks


You need to add stability circuits! Jacky’s Viper project has an example…
Search Community-Tools… Landing smoothes out the plane Roll / Pitch.
It also has Smooth Braking too but doesn’t use gradual altitude descent.

For that, you need a Get-Up-Vector / Set-Linear-Physics combo in Tick…
Or Get-Up-Vector / AddActorWorldOffset, if you’re not using Physics etc.
For code: Seek out sample Flying projects by Tom Shannon / TheJamsh …

Ok, ill check it out.

I basically created a flying ship, it moves forward by pressing up button, but when it stops moving (close to the floor or high in the air) and i want it to land…failure, i cant make it work… i tried with snap to grid but it never finds the right floor position, and since flying rotation can be kind of “out of a normal position” i tried fix it first with “setactorrotation” but it keeps rotating to a weird position, not to were im loking and it snaps… i cant smooth this movement. What i would like is: even if i´m fliying and my Y positin its super high, when i press L button i want my ship to stabilize rotation and starts landing down with a vertical move to the ground until it touches the floor.

You have a real choice to make. Keep guessing at this or work off a working template.
The resources mentioned above is within easy search and works, start from that point…
With flight physics, constraints/smoothing is needed to stop plane going out of control.:smiley: