UNREAL UE 4 - How to make airflow push like Marilyn Monroe Skirt, but with a lift from the ground?

Hi, i wonder how to create a push from the ground wich can work with any character or movable object that passes through?

Please share BP images for reference, thanks!

First you have to go into your character with the skirt and paint NVCloth physics. This is a bit complicated without looking at a working example. Then you need to set wind to blow from below. If you just create this scene this shouldn’t be too complicated.

Let me know if you want a screenshot for setting up your character’s skirt.

Dont get me grong… i dont want an skirt to rise…

I want the whole figure to be pushed up, when this force happens, then it stops, like when air comes from the ground, then the object over this place are sent up then they fall.

How about using the Add Force function.

I guess Impulse would be better.

Apply radial, impulse or force in Blueprint.