Unreal Tutorial didnt work out for me?

i have been Reading this TUTORIAL on introducing a vehicle and making it move.

I followed every step to the letter… BUT.,… when i set my vehicles wheels to Kinematic like the tutorial says… the vehicle no longer is affected by gravity. even in the simulation window it just floats there.
Also the tires (which are canted cause its a plane) remain in the correct location but not the correct orientation. all 3 tires rotate as if they were a sphere.

World settings are set up inputs are set up i dont know what im doing wrong and why the plane wont move when i push W…

did you setup the wheels properly in the vehiclemovement? otherwise it stays in the air like you describe.

I followed and understood users part of that tutorial and I did change the wheels in vehicle motion… The only part I kinda guessed on anything was the look at nodes… I wasnt sure exactly what it was asking for I would post a screenshots but the mobile version of this keeps saying error invalid file