Unreal training 'Creating a Tank' video omits important stuff?

This lovely piece of BP training video, Creating a Tank, skips the steps where he takes a pawn controlled by ‘add actor offset’ and turns his pawn into a physics object - seemingly still controlling the pawn with ‘add actor offset’. This doesn’t work afaik but he doesn’t mention changing how he handles motion, he also mentions sharing the project.

I guess my questions are two: how does he control the tank? Was the project released in the end so one can learn from it?


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I have been looking for more on this as well.

Try ticking Sweep to true in the AddActorOffset node.

I wonder how you guys are allowed to bump 6 year old threads and I was told not to in the past. But I have seen that video, yes it leaves much out.

Please don’t tell anyone. :eyes: