Unreal Tournament: The Ripper reborn, and an awesome game modifier!

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Hello Unreal Engine staff!

My name is Jarret.

              I am a beginner game developer, and a beginner music producer. I have just uncovered your project for UT, and have been overjoyed since the discovery. I grew up with UT99, and i still play some of it to this day, until the new UT project discovery. You have given me an opportunity to give two very intricate ideas. 
  1. The Ripper reborn

The Ripper back in UT99 was designed to have blades that would shoot out in rapid form on it’s primary fire. It would also allow you to shoot at corners so the blades can bounce to their target.
When you hit someone in the head with this blade, it would decapitate the opponent. The secondary fire would shoot an explosive blade that does a decent amount of damage, and would also knock an opponent back with it’s force.

To bring a more badass version of the ripper would take a few things:

-a few changes to the weapons firing mechanism

My idea is as follows:

A rifle that has a burst fire setting, fires three rounds in rapid form.
The idea is similar to this construction.
the model design would consist of 3 blades that are vertical to each-other.
For the primary fire, instead of shooting 3 blades at once, it would allow the player to shoot one blade per click,
then after The Ripper has shot all of it’s blades, it would reload in a short period(my guestimate is 0.4-1.0 seconds)

The secondary fire can go three ways:

-Shoot all the blades at once
-Explosive Blades that shoot at a target, or surface, and act as a semtex grenade, or timed detonation (One blade at a time/All blades at once)
-Armor penetration blades.(More health damage depending on the type of armor used. Would have to charge the secondary fire for nerfing, because this might become a little over powered)

  1. Let the Bodies hit the floor

in UT99, I have always picture a game mode that would offer limbs, bodies, and blood to stay during the entire length of a match.

This Idea has a few pros and cons:


-the fake death button can be used for a hide and seek way of playing
-Maps would give a feeling of carnage
-The player appeal would be spectacular


-could cause performance issues

I appreciate everything you guys are doing to bring UT to the Modern gaming community.
If these Ideas are implemented, I can see faces light up with utter enjoyment, and appreciation.

Thank you for restoring my childhood.

your big fan,


P.S. bring back superjump! :slight_smile:

Hi TheMeta,

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