Unreal Tournament tab is available in the Launcher

Greetings. I noticed this tab today:


It’s been there for a few days for me, it’s nice that I can actually try out the game without having to figure out how to download/install it. Definitely will be following the game more closely now.

Excellent idea, I like!
But how do I get it?

Dunno, it seems the icon appeared for me after I installed this:

Installed what?

I can’t see it in my launcher :frowning:

Sounds like you need to sign into and maybe follow this thread.

Thanks mission accomplished.

Very nice!

Oh It is available since the 18th:

Look, there is also a fortnite tab: :o

How to get that too?


I want a Fortnite tab…

Ditto to this :<

It’s strange , it’s same build that Unreal Engine

+1 WTB Fortnite Tab

Wow Unreal Tournament 4 made an update with Halloween theme haha.

Hey everybody. If you want Unreal Tournament in you launcher, just log into the Unreal Tournament forums with your account and then restart the launcher (it may take 5mins). BAM! You’ll have that great new tab instantly. You are just a couple of clicks away from free fun!

Adding to what Alexander said; log out and then log back in if you have been automatically logged in all this time but didnt have the UT tab in the launcher.

I want fortnite tab :V