Unreal Tournament Editor counts as making a game?

If using the UTEditor will it count as if i was making a game from the Engine Tab?

Or its just a mod to UT?

Its just because i’d like to make a game very similar to UT itself :confused:

I suppose whether or not it counts as a game depends on who is judging/looking at the game. If you are doing this for a portfolio, I suggest you start working on a game just from a blank UE4 project. Game developers tend to be more proud of a game that has mostly custom made assets (code and textures).

What i mean is can i export the game, so to speak as if it was one of my own?
Using the UTEditor instead of the UEngine

No. If you’re using Unreal Tournament as a base, then it will only be a mod/addon for that game.

You may not utilize anything within the Unreal Tournament Editor or assets for any commercial purpose.

Ahh okay, thank you :slight_smile:

is it acceptable to migrate some of the blueprints to a UE4 Project to build off of? I’m mainly an artist and have no real programming skill but still want to make a game. Any visual assets would be created by me and I wouldn’t be using any of the existing models.

UT4 assets can only be used for UT4 projects.
Besides that, the blueprints are useless outside of UT4. They’re all subclasses of custom tailored C++ classes, afaik.