Unreal Tournament Controller support.

Tried to find a more relevant place to put this, couldn’t find one.
Even after mapping all my bindings to an xbox 360 pad, UT was still calling the default mappings at the same time.
example: I put jump on LB, it kept down switching weapons every time I jumped. and many other horrible input overlaps.
also tried unmapping all controller input and going through xpadder so I could set it up myself ( as keyboard / mouse ), still kept presenting me with problems because UT is auto detecting controllers ( which it doesn’t let you invert btw, or even set the up and own axis of the right stick, only left and right ).
bit of a messy set of complaints I admit, but the point I’m making is that this game either needs decent controller support that allows you to map your own bindings to a pad (including inversion) or none so it can be done manually.
after the “use a mouse bruhhhh” is out of the way I invite sensible answers as to how this can be addressed.

Hey there,

You’ll want to ask this in the modding subsection of the Unreal Tournament forums:

They’ll know best what may be happening and how to get it running.