Unreal Tournament BSP's wont work

Hi so im trying to use bsp’s to make a level in the tournament editor and I can’t get the BSP’s to work. When i place a square bsp in the level i can only move the bsp but the geometry will not follow. When i delete the bsp the geometry is still stuck in the level with no way to move it around. I do not have this issue in the regular unreal editor and i have already completely uninstalled the tournament and re installed it as well.

This also effects the first map if when opening the level that is already pre made I can move the BSP outline but it doesn’t actually change the area. So say if i tried to move a subtraction piece like a doorway and i wanted it two feet to the left or right instead. when i move the bsp the lines of the bsp box move but the doorway is not affected what so ever.

So my question is there something in the tournament editor that can lock the BSP’s position even on a brand new level I create. Or is there a certain reason it is only doing this in the unreal tournament editor for me, but working fine in all my other versions of unreal 4.

It is not the UT forum…

Hi MLB0609,

Go to your Editor Preferences>Miscellaneous and make sure that you have “Update BSPs Automatically” set to true. Or, if this is not a viable option for you, if you go to the build dropdown menu and press build geometry the BSP geometry will update.

Thank you, that solved my problem.