Unreal Tournament background art

I know this is super minor but the background for Unreal Tournament looks super bland and depressing. Any way you guys could change the color from gray to something else and add a background image like the other products have?

Thanks from me and my OCD!

This is probably more about a request/question for the Unreal Tournament forums rater than the engine forums ? mmm

I don’t really know, there no longer is a forum for Launcher specific stuff and this one has the announcements for it so I figured it would be the best match. If not, can a moderator please move the thread?

I mean the Unreal Tournament Game have a different forum Forum - Unreal Tournament Forums not sure at all if they can help you better there :wink:

Note you can use the same account of this forums I think.

Hi Stan, the image was just updated a few weeks ago so I wouldn’t look for a change anytime soon. We’ll keep your feedback in mind though for the next update!

Hey there, thanks for your answer. I don’t actually mean the image itself, just the fact that, for every other Epic product on the launcher, the background/image extends into the menu/header and for UT it’s just plain grey. looks a bit out of place from the other games/products.

Yay, someone fixed it. Thank you guys! :slight_smile: