Unreal Tournament 4 DL keeps restarting

Every time i finished download & verify UT4. After that it keeps restart download from the beginning. How do i fix it?

Hi GOLGO-13,

Please try the steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

If nothing there works for you, follow the steps towards the bottom of that page and generate your Dubug logs then post them here. Also, post a copy of your dxdiag (system specs).

Hi GOLGO-13,

Could you try downloading UT again. We had an issue with the download process which should now be fixed.

Post back here to let us know if it works or not.



I tried to download it again it’s still giving me the same problem.


I took a look at your logs, where are you installing to? I’m seeing a lot of “Error writing to file” which makes me think you’re installing a place that you don’t have access to edit wherever you’re trying to install it.

-Max B.

It installed on F drive instead so i changed it to C drive now it works. Thank you very much for your help.