Unreal Tournament 4 crash issue


I’d like to submit an issue/bug report.

Game: UT4.
Engine: UT 4.8(? I think… whatever the latest version is).

Disclaimer: This issue has been happening to me for a while and I would have written it off as due to the game being in “pre-alpha” state, but after speaking to a few people recently it seems generally none of the other guys I play with has crashes, or at least on this scale.

Issue: I have multiple crashes almost every session I play. Generally speaking I play between once and three or four times during the course of the day, and usually I play almost every day.

Details: This particular crash is atypical of the crashes I have. The game has just been started up, I am in a Hub (usually, I rarely do this from the Internet server part of the server browser), see a match happening and go to connect, the game connects to the server and I see for a fraction of a second the screen change to the ingame screen and then it crashes.

At the core of the symptom it almost always happens as I connect to a game, however the other related details can vary. For instance it can be the 1st game, or the 10th, it can happen on multiple servers (although I generally connect to 1 or 2 servers in Australia/NZ), it can be as a player or as a spec, it can be connecting directly from the hub.

On this occasion for instance I had been playing already, then went offline and came back some time later to start the game again. It started okay, and I saw a game happening and wanted to spectate. So, to account for the spec bug where you end up being put into the game instead of spectator mode, I connected to the game first, then went to the server browser to spectate. I click the spectate button, watched it change screens for a fraction of a second while it reconnected to the server, saw the ingame screen for a minute fraction of a second and it seemed to pause, then I got the crash/bug report window.

Things I’ve done to ensure it’s not my end: disabled anti-virus, reinstalled the game and the launcher multiple times, cleared account settings multiple times, reinstalled graphics drivers, used OOTB settings, reinstalled mouse drivers and any other application that might remotely be connected to the game…

The frequency of this issue is best very random, and the most frustrating aspect about it is the game is perfect (as can be in its current state) and this randomness doesn’t occur until the first crash. Once it crashes my shots increasingly don’t seem to register (meaning pointblank shots with both me and my opponent moving in the same direction doesn’t have any effect even at reasonably low ping), or have random registration effects where some shots seem to connect and others don’t.

Sys specs:
Graphics card - Sapphire Dual-X R9 280.
CPU - AMD FX 83500.
Mobo - Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0.
Ram - Kingston something 16gig DDR3 .
All OOTB settings.


Hello Tee,

Please make a thread in the UT forums here: Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime

This will help us track down your issue more easily, and expose it to more community members that may be able to help.

Using the bug template from this thread would be very helpful to: Unreal Tournament Forum Downtime

Also, attach the log file from UnrealTournament\Saved\Logs to help us track down the cause of the crash.