UNREAL Tools (pivot fix) from 3ds max to Unreal

Guys, I just came upon this interesting piece: 3ds Max | Scripts | ScriptSpot (Unreal Tools), but I’m not quite sure how does it work and what does it do?

I have an entire scene of 2000 objects in 3ds max (330 000 polygons in scene) which I want to import into Unreal Engine 4. However, the pivots of the meshes are messed up when imported to UE4. I know that I should bring each mesh to 0,0,0 but that’s way too much work for every single mesh in my scene. So, I found this Unreal tools and I wondered if it’s possible to select all the meshes in my scene and fix the pivot to be good when the FBX project is imported?

Can’t say too much for that one, but there are a lot of general exporters (and a few labelled specifically for Unreal) I’ve tried out - I like this one the most, so far: It’s not labelled for Unreal, but has options for automatically combining custom collision meshes for Unreal, and handles exporting at 0,0,0 then putting the meshes back where you had them. Just select a bunch, mash ‘export selection’ and away you go.

Thanks HeyYouAndrew. I tried the script, however when I opened the files in Unreal, although all my pivots were the same as in 3ds max, the position of the models was away.
I have a cabinet with 2 drawers and 2 small doors. In Unreal, the drawers and doors are not in the position they’re supposed to be, but their pivots are ok.
So, I wonder if there’s a solution to fix this, or maybe I’m doing something wrong before export or something… Because if I try to export the entire scene of 2000 objects this way, I Fear it would mess up the positions.

Come on guys, I’m losing hope. Anyone about a good export script from 3ds max to Unreal?
I just tried exporting the whole scene to UE4 and all I got were OK pivots and a mess of all the positions of the objects. :confused:

I will have to give it a try it looks interesting. Has anyone tried the LOD combining feature?