Unreal tool bugs report

Hi epic:
I found several bugs with your tools. Please check and fix it.
`` thanks. zql
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If you have access to 4.4.3, it would be a lot of help if you could test these problems on that version of the engine. We have fixed a lot of bugs and problems since 4.0.

Really? ok, i will test it in next week. thanks

How do you set the remote server? I did not see that code .

In 4.4.3.

Hey, have you tested these issues in a newer version yet?

most of them have been fixed in 4.5. But I have a new question about iphone launch. I can’t successfully launch my game to ios device by both editor and UFD tool. They show me that can not load itunesmobiledevice.dll file. So can you tell me which itunes version is being used by you?

I personally do not use iTunes or package for iOS. You might have more luck if you make a new Question about this.