Unreal to merge with Unity?

As some of you know, I occasionally hear stuff from sources that might be very nda/classified information.
Its how I found out UE4 became free before it was made public at gdc2015, when the kite content was released and now this.

So… yea…
you heard it here first!

Epic to merge with Unity, next engine will be UnReality

Read all the leaked info here:

My god such unreal features! But still no dynamic GI :frowning:

Finally C# support cries

Cryreal would have been better considering your choice of music… :stuck_out_tongue:
Or even UnrealYard, both possibilities are more believable than Unity.
After all M$ has its claws into Unity, and Epic is try to get away from UWP.
Besides Unity management think Epic are just an irrelevant “tiny competitor”.


Unreal + Unity = Un + real + Un + ity = Un + Un + Reality = Reality 2 (un = 1, latin ‘Unum’) ╰(°□°)╯

I think it is great that there are more engines. Best example are the market places, i can use assets from both venues. Though, the engine called Cryengine is very strict and does not allow usage of their assets in other engines. On top they do not support common formats (fbx). This means that they hurt their sales proactively, because 3rd party engine users wont buy, and i doubt that someone switches an engine because of such a ruling.

It’s a nice move. And then will come the CryUnreality, and then will come the CryUnFrosty and so on

Holy s**t guys… it’s actually on the main page

Let me be the first to spoil the fun… Guys, look on the calendar and see what day it is… :slight_smile:

Edit - Oh nice Rick Roll! Haha.

Now we know what the money was for…:stuck_out_tongue:

Some people enjoy fishing too much hahahahaha.

…and the starting version must be: UR 04.01 :stuck_out_tongue:

April Fools’ Day…

All those billions invested to harden the friendship and overcome allergic reactions.

Unreality :smiley: nice try :stuck_out_tongue:

Cute. :slight_smile:

But not laugh out loud funny…

I trusted you

That would be great! Even better when Microsoft buys AMD and then unreality engine. So many great eggsbox eggsclusives.

Also you shall not spoil joke! Some mods please delete spoiling joke messages!

McDonalds is going to be merged with Dell… Alienware will be merged with… Burger King!

Expected DickButt, got Rickrolled. I’ll allow it.