Unreal to Blender

I’ve got a few static meshes from the market place that I really like, but would like to make a few changes.
I want to export the meshes into Blender make the changes and then import them back to Unreal.
If I export the mesh and then import it into Blender I get a blank mesh.
How to I get the textures to go along with it?
So far I’ve found many tutorials on how to import to Unreal from Blender.
But not the other way.

Unreal doesnt associate the textures on the static mesh asset shaders in your content browser, they are completely separate.
When you export the static mesh form ue4, at best you get individual blank shaders for each material element, but youll have to export the textures form ue4 separately, and set that shader up in blender again manually.

As Adeptus, mentioned textures or substance files are almost always separate from the static mesh files. If you bought the static meshes from the marketplace, it should have came organized with a folder of textures being used.

Export these textures separately into Blender and use the images/normals/etc to set up texturing in Blender. Depending on the type of changes you make to the static mesh though, the textures may not look correct on the new model… so you may have to end up editing the textures too.

Additionnaly to the initial question : Is it possible to export the texture of a mesh from UE to blender WITH THE LAYERED COLORS INFORMATION (in case in which the mesh in UE was vertex painted with multiple textures layers) ?

I’ve seen there was a button named “Copies Vertex Colors from the selected Mesh Components” (cf the gif below) but it seems to do nothing when I’m click on it. Don’t sure if I must use this button…

Usually vertex colors are applied in level and not on the actual mesh, so exporting something that isn’t there might be kinda hard.
however, the other way around is possible, so technically the export should also allow for the data to be re-export, should there be any on the actual mesh.