Unreal talent needed to join our team in London

Hi all, we at Framestore Labs are looking for some senior and junior Unreal talent to join our team for a major new project for at least 6 months starting immediately.
Details are under wraps for now, what I can say is you’ll be working on a high profile, interactive graphics application, custom high end hardware, with a team of experienced and dedicated developers, artists, directors engineers and designers.
A great opportunity to show off your creative skills and work in an award winning team.

If you are London based, interested, and available for 6 months drop me a line.



This message is to offer you visual arquitectual in real time (interactive) With some other options like.

Exporting to HTML, Android, Ios, Pc, Mac, compatible with VR Oculus Rift and 360 view.

**Portafolio Online:

**Project archviz interactive by android:

Thanks and wait for contact.