Unreal Studio VS 'Traditional Unreal, how different are they?

we are starting to use Unreal Studio to leverage the Datasmith capabilities with 3D Max, but I noticed that most of the Blueprints we used to use with Unreal they don’t seem to work anymore. I am not a programmer, I just created basic blueprints to resolve some functionality, but when I try to apply it to the Unreal Studio template they don’t work. I noticed that VR elements have different names and I find some functions.

Can I have a confirmation or clarification on this?


Unreal Studio isn’t a different version of Unreal, at the moment the focus is on how to take archviz scenes from other software and bring them into unreal and have them match up as closely as possible.

I see, but why then some of the blueprints we have they don’t work on this projects?
I usually do right click on the blueprint editor and search for the commands that I need and build m code, but when Unreal Studio I can’t find the same commands.

It shouldn’t be removing anything, if anything there would be more Blueprint options

Maybe you were relying on a plugin of some kind that isn’t enabled? Maybe one from the Marketplace?

Hey all.

Although this doesn’t sound like an issue that would be caused by the Datasmith plugin, it’s always possible there’s a bug. If you can help us to reproduce it, please log it here. https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.com/s/case-community-page


The Unreal API isn’t available in Studio, I believe. I’m sure I read that somewhere. Studio doesn’t have the Unreal API, C++ capability, and adds Python support, if I recall. Python may be in Unreal Engine now, though.

This is a bit incorrect. Let me help clarifying that question.

Unreal Studio = Unreal Engine + Datasmith + Support + Training + Assets (see FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine)

In no way you will be able to do less than what Unreal has to offer. Unreal Studio is a productivity boost on top and not something else forcing you to make difficult choices.

With regards to C++ and Python, they are in Unreal Studio as well. We also added extra commands in python for Datasmith see this link: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Studio/Python

Hi, I am thinking of trying out Unreal Studio. Apart from Datasmith, that allows easier import of assets and materials. Are there any other improved features? Like is lightmass the same with the original ue4 or it renders faster or has better GI? Is having a separate uv still required for lightmass? Are reflections better/improved or still the same? Also what about rendering out videos? Is it simpler or still done in ue4?

All of that is UE4 and Lightmass. We don’t ship a special version of either.

Hi. I’m trying to sort out some things, and would be grateful if someone could clarify further.

  1. Unreal Studio is the next major version of UE4?
  2. Since Unreal Studio is only in beta, we don’t use it for production yet. We’re planning on implementing a whole load of blueprint functionality to our VR concept, on top of already massive custom functionality to take our VR solution to the next level. If we do it in UE4.19, would the functionality still basically work in Unreal Studio, or will all blueprint functions break going from Unreal Engine 4.19 to Studio? It will be a significant investment, and we cannot doing it twice. Therefore it’s a big topic to get straight.


No. UE4 remains the same. “Unreal Studio” is just the name given for a set of tools and features offered in addition to the standard UE4.

Building off of the previous answer, Unreal Studio is not separate from UE4, it is an addition to it. If you are developing in UE 4.19, you can add the Studio features to it (currently just the Datasmith plugin) and this has no effect on the overall engine.

Wow, it only took a moderator and 3 Epic Staff members to tell you guys that UE4 and Unreal Studio are pretty much the same thing (with the exclusion of the tools and Datasmith plug-in provided in Unreal Studio). Maybe this should be made a sticky? Seems like it will be a reoccurring question…

It is not entirely the same, if you sign up for Unreal Studio, then Unreal Engine as game developer becomes unavailable. And Fortnite is unavailable. How can I “downgrade” or “revert” away from Unreal Studio, so that Fortnite becomes available again?

Hi Sondre.

Fortnite is still available to you, but I believe I understand what happened. If you re-downloaded and installed the Epic Games Launcher from the Unreal Studio webpage, then it set it into an “Enterprise mode” which simply hides the game tabs by default. This is done to make the launcher more acceptable for professional environments. However, you can easily get the game tabs back by clicking on the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the Launcher, and then disable the checkbox for “Hide Game Tabs”.


Thank you! I would never had figured that out… I have attempted a lot of things so far, and the fix was this easy. Suggestion to perhaps make it more clear somewhere, either on webpage, or on first launch, etc.

When you say that UE4 and “Unreal Studio” is going to be the same thing. Why don’t we trust you? In my minds eye, I see Unreal Studio as an excuse to lock Datasmith, and other high end features behind a paywall. (Not that I need Datasmith to make things in unreal, it just seems convenient) If you where really honest about this statement, you would have made Datasmith part of EU4, or as a downloadable plugin on the marketplace store. It’s actually quite a concern that by making unreal studio, Epic is setting a new presidency for how new features are developed and marketed. For the average UE user, something about this whole trend is smelling a bit fishy. It’s to early to say tho, and I hope I’m eventually proven wrong.

Part of the problem Epic has faced, especially in my sector, is as soon as the word ‘Game’ is mentioned, no matter how useful the technology, or essential it is, many important people will switch off. Or dismiss it. Or outright rail against it. They tried for a while to change this perception, but people really just did not want to know.

So they came to a different solution: make a portal into Unreal that removed all traces of the word ‘Game’ and similar nomenclature. This is why the Launcher can hide all the games stuff, (And does so by default if you download the launcher from the Unreal Studio link), and other such tweaks.

Unreal already has very robust workflows for getting assets into it for making a game. It was it’s primary purpose after all. Unreal Studio, Datasmith and the other options, are all here because some people started using it for things other than games. It’s largely to meet those of us in the other industries half-way at the very least, in ingesting the things that we make, for use with the engine. So, I highly doubt they will head this way for their regular games-making workflows :slight_smile:

Hi Dimeolas.

I’m not clear exactly what issues you are facing, but nothing you describe here should have any relation to the Unreal Studio Beta. Please contact me via a private message here on the forums, along with more details about your specific issues, and I’ll try to help or point you towards the support team who can.


Guess I posted in the wrong thread, just didnt see anything. Had major issues with the beta launcher. Just delete my post plz as its irrelevant.