Unreal Studio vs 3ds Max, V-Ray exporter - Packaging Archviz Scene


I have clients you want to convert their 3ds Max V-Ray scenes into Real Time Renders and turn them into a standalone application (Packaged scene from Unreal).

I downloaded Chaos’s groups new V-Ray exporter for Unreal only to learn that V-Ray materials are not supported when packaging a scene and come out as the World Default Material.

What options do I have ? Should I use Datasmith to import the scene from Max without the V-Ray materials and recreate the materials using Ue4 Materials?

Basically create all the materials in Ue4.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

V-Ray materials will not package in UE4? Is this true?

For now, it sounds like you don’t have other options but you should bring it up to Chaos Group on their own beta forum, they might not be aware of the problem.

I have been in contact with them, they say this is something they are going to make available in a future build. For now I can export the V-Ray scene from Max using Datasmith, some lighting and materials don’t transfer well, but apart from that Datasmith works like a charm.