Unreal Studio Substances


Does anyone know where I can download the 100 substances library that come with Unreal Studio? I’ve been unable to find them.


They are already in, you launch a new project and select unreal studio as the template, then they appear in the top bar where play, build etc is

You should be able to then migrate the substances over to a different project, although I havent tried this so there might be license problems

I can’t find any information about that in the net, allegoritmic / Unreal, too. By opening a project as Unreal Studio there is no material content available. They doesn’t mean the free Automative Material Pack???

Thanks for help

Okay, find it! But you need an account

Cool, thanks!

Your license for Unreal Studio limits you to using the Substances we provide with Unreal Engine projects. Once you’ve downloaded a Substance, you can continue to use it with Unreal Engine, even if you’re no longer an Unreal Studio subscriber.