Unreal Studio retirement and features going free in UE 4.24

The features of Unreal Studio have progressed rapidly with everyone’s feedback since we started the beta program last year. Now we are happy to announce that with the upcoming release of UE 4.24, the features will be freely included in the Unreal Engine, and we will be retiring the Unreal Studio program.

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With the 4.24 launch, this forum section will be converted specifically into a Datasmith discussion forum.


Interesting news! I think its for the better. So… When do we get Maya for Datasmith? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great news for Unreal Studio users! Do you know how project migration will be handled? So will my Unreal Studio projects now just become UE projects, or will they remain separate types of projects like they are now?

That should work already. Unreal Studio has never been a different binary. It only had extra plugins that are now part of Unreal Engine 4.24. Your projects should load fine without having to make extra manipulations

Is there a rough idea of when Datasmith Blender support will appear?

Great news… :slight_smile:

What a wonderful news!
Thank you very much Epic!

How the royalty free license work after the retirement?

Using 4.24 - THANKS devs for the fixes coming in from Revit.

Light levels are normal now and far easier to work with the new sun + sky and proper lighting units.
However one thing I’ve noticed it that some textures on some materials are now lost when translating? Only some though and it doesn’t happen to me when using 4.22 and subsequent datasmith build.

Will investigate more and report a bug.

Maya api must be so difficult to deal with!

This is answered in the linked FAQ:

Will I have to pay royalties if I use Unreal Studio features in Unreal Engine after 4.24?
If you are not shipping a game, you will be able to select a 100% royalty-free license of Unreal Engine.

This is concerning. Originally Unreal planned on making money from this. Will these features being free get continued support moving or is this a way of saying yes these features exist but will slowly be depreciated from 4.24 moving forward?

Datasmith and other features intended for non-games development will continue to be developed and remain as a high priority. Contrary to the concern, by being brought into the core Unreal Engine, as opposed to existing only in a smaller add-on, this evidences our commitment to these workflows as a native and integral component of Unreal Engine.

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] How does access to Quixel Megascans and the free access to the entire Megascan asset library work? I’ve signed into Quixel using my EPIC account but I don’t have access to the library still - it is offering only a 30 day trial… ? I am using the free UE4.23.1 installed…

Please follow the actions listed in this article: How can I get unlimited access to Megascans for UE4? – Quixel

UE 4.24 is now live; Datasmith and related features are included in the release, and the Unreal Studio Beta has now officially ended.

More details can be found here: Unreal Studio FAQ

If you require Datasmith for an older engine version, it can be installed from here:

question, iam making a game with all assets that works in my 4.23.1 version… if i update to 4.24 they will dont work more?

The assets will be resaved for 4.24 and should work just fine. You will then no longer be able to open the project in 4.23.

Where do you get the exporter plugins from after 4.24? The first hit on google for download doesn’t work anymore.

EDIT: It works, it’s just that Epic’s flaky auto login redirects you to the standard Unreal page on first try.

Hi. I’m struggling to find the Datasmith import tool in UnReal 2.24. Has that button moved? I can only find documentation online regarding Datasmith and UnReal 4.23, where Datasmith was found between “Settings” and “Blueprints”. Now it’s gone. I’ve looked in the typical UnReal “Import” tool but there is no Datasmith file format available there. Where can I find Datasmith in UnReal 2.24??

EDIT - Anyone with this problem, go to settings and plugins. Search for Importers and “enable” Datasmith