Unreal Studio Project Crashes on Launch


I am a 3D Architectural Visualiser . I am a complete newbie to Unreal Studio. I have been using Sketchup and 3dsmax for modelling and VRAY for rendering my projects. I want to try the same on Unreal Studio. I have installed Unreal Studio as per the documentation provided on the website. After installation, when I try to create a new project, it crashes giving me the message “you do not have any debugging symbols required to display the call stack for this crash”. After some help from online forums, I installed the " Editor Symbols for Debugging " module also. Even now, the Unreal Studio Project crashes during loading process.

This time it gives the message " Fatal error: [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\ShaderCompiler\ShaderCompiler.cpp] [Line: 2000] Failed to compile default material /Engine/EngineMaterials/WorldGridMaterial.WorldGridMaterial!"

I dont know what went wrong with my installation. I have been trying to get a solution for this online…Please help.

I want to shift completely from offline rendering (VRAY rendering) to Unreal. But I have got stuck at the installation stage only…Please guide me.


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Hi Phaneender.

I’ve looked up your crash reports, and I can see that there are a few other users experiencing this issue. You are not alone.

This issue is likely related to the core Unreal Engine, and not anything to do with Unreal Studio specifically, but we should confirm that. My first recommendation to you is to uninstall the Datasmith plugin from your Engine installation. (Go to the Epic Games Launcher > Unreal Engine > Library (top tab) > and click on “Installed Plugins” underneath the Engine slot. Remove Unreal Datasmith, then launch the editor, create a new project, and see if you still experience the crash.

If the crash stops, let me know and we will investigate the possibility of it being caused by the Datasmith plugin.

However if you still experience the crash, then your issue is with the Unreal Engine and not any part of Unreal Studio. We are aware of and have been tracking similar crashes reported by users, however we have not been able to determine reproduction steps or a specific cause. If you can help us, we may be able to fully investigate and fix this issue.

Let me know your results of uninstalling Datasmith, and I will guide you toward the next step.

Thank you