Unreal Studio license for different enterprise application

I’m helping with a POC using Unreal Studio, the result to be embedded in a web application dedicated to a market thats not architecture, product visualization, can be manufacturing loosely speaking being an engineering sector.
Will be this kind of application remain under the Unreal Studio license? If not, need I to ask for a custom license or will return under the UE4 license?

If you’re selling an application built with UE4 directly to the end-user, you should chat with us more. If instead, you’re paid to create an experience that is given away for free, then you should be fine. If you’re paid to create an application that is then incorporated into another product that is sold, then the company selling the UE4 tech needs to be licensed by us. In general, we’re very fair about these situations

Thanks for your answer. The company will sell an application containing as a component a Webassembly generated from UE4. A license is needed, the point is if will be Unreal Studio license (royalty free with in 2019 monthly fixed term payment for the development usage) or Unreal Engine license whose 5% cut in final revenues will be totally unacceptable or difficult to be accepted depending on what part of the revenue will be calculated. UE4 web component it’s not the key part in the whole product features (I proposed it since I think can unlock a whole set of new services in the future), even if can become more critical in other services the company is evaluating (but not necessarily developing).

We’re happy to explain your options. Please use this form and someone will be in touch.